Moa Betta I Search Foa Myself, Yeah?

Totally forgot about this blog I started. Sheesh. And I haven’t even gotten to da Portagee side!

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Searching for ʻOhana (Family)

I got the idea to start a genealogy blog from an online group that I belong to in the the hopes of finding out more about my ancestors.  I belong to and have found two distant cousins that way, which was wonderful.  But maybe someone searching for similar names will find this blog and we’ll both be able to find out some information.

Part of my heritage is Melungeon, a people group from the hills of Kentucky.   There’s a lot of conflicting information about the Melungeons; my uncle was an anthropology professor who did a lot of research about them which piqued my interest in finding out more.  The internet has tons of information about my ancestors, but I’m trying to be more specific and find out more information about my great-great grandfather.

The family history states that he or his father came down from the hills of Kentucky and ended up in Frankfort, KY.

There’s also some indication that my grandmother was also Melungeon.

Here’s a photo of my great grandfather, Landon I. Goins.  My auntie, who knew him, said that he was known for his “perky little mustache”.

Landon I Goins

Born: 1863

Married to Mary Tompkins Clark in 1884


Edgar Hume Goins (my grandfather) born October 1884

James William Goins – born October 1887

Gus Landon Goins – born 1890

Cora Elizabeth Goins – born 1892

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